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The sea speaks to Haldir.

Where are you, onya? I have searched for you on the untamed shores and found not even the footprints of your kin so long departed, and heard not even a whispered echo of your song. I found only a lingering pain, a gentle throbbing, constant but too deep and elusive for me to grasp. I! I -- your soul's mother, father, heartbeat of your very world -- was not enough to hold this pain. What have you dared to toy with, little firstborn, that is too great for the sea?

I tell you, lie back, hinya. Lie back in the cradle of my arms once again. Sleep with the salt of my womb in your body and your dreams. Dream, and the cradle that lulled your fathers is yours again.

Hina.... hinya... you have gone beyond the ocean. You have feasted on food of the gods, and been forced to vomit up your soul. I still feel your glowing fea in me. I felt that fateful moment when you joined yourself to him, and I felt it when he left you.

Come back, come back to me, hinya. My child! My children! First born and younger brother! My empty waves yearn for you. My song is of longing. Bring yourselves to me. Lie back, lie back in the surf, little one, and let us both cover you, hold you, breathe your body.


Sleep, hinya. The osprey hunts in vain and the sand is barren, even the sea oats do not grow. Sleep. The sandpipers are crying and the gulls falter in their flight. Sleep! The clouds weep and twist themselves into mad, lost spirals, all for love of you.

A song. A dream. I ask no more. Live, sleep, be strong again. I will send the sound of my waves into the wind. Let my call find you and lead you home.

Home: the dream-shore where you lie back, lie back in the rising tide, and breathe, and watch the stars grow brighter as the sand covers you, swallows you, pulls you into me. Let there be no more games. Let there be no more guessing. Let there be only us: the light shining on the water.

Deeply have I drunk of your loneliness, deeper still of your loveliness, deepest of all -- your love.

I remember you. Oh, HOW I remember you! I shall not forget you, hinya. I shall wait for you, so that there will always be a bare shore prepared to drink your song and your seed when you give them. You have eternity before you, little immortal. You have Forever. I can wait that long, and longer.

Remember, hinya, and sleep...
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