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OOC: An extremely private PG moment of Intense Angst between Haldir and Faramir. ATM OOC but take it as you will, soon to be posted in Haldir's journal possibly, and changed around, this for now is what it is.

Haldir: *walks quietly through the woodlands, to a clearing he knows well, along the riverbank. Watching the man who was/is his bondmate. Standing there for a long moment before finally coming closer.*

Faramir: *is aware of another's presence, something tickles at his mind, a familar feel. He turns and regards the elf. Nodding, feeling this is no threat, he indicates a place next to him*

Haldir: *sits down beside the man, watching him, freezing his features into his memory. Very lightly tracing a hand along his face, hesitant, barely audible whisper.* I love you.

Faramir: *smiling at the touch, eyes blinking as he hears a familiar voice, veil lifting at the words* I love you too, Haldir. *studies your face, the expression* You came to say goodbye. You wil not seek me in the woods any longer?

Haldir: *trying to breath from the pain in his chest, hand still on Faramir's face. Just watching, voice still quiet and trying not to break though it wavers.* You will not be here if I come back, will you.

Faramir: If you feel I will not be here, then I suppose I may not. I seem to remain for those that wish me to. Another came yesterday, he may still be in the caves. A woman came last week, she tried to bring me back with her, I think. I remained. And now you come. My heart knows you. When I go, that brand will remain. I do not understand anything more than that. You have marked me, and that will remain forever.

Haldir: *trying hard to keep his hands from shaking, tucking a loose lock of Faramir's hair behind his ear.* An eternity alone. I do not wish that. But I will .... I will hope... *long quiet* I will hope that I see you again... another place perhaps. *suddenly looking very old and tired, placing a hand over Faramir's heart* You will always hold my heart, it was claimed, my soul was claimed by you and will always be yours no matter what the future holds. I thought ... I thought we would have more time. To finish things... to complete things... perhaps I was wrong... I was wrong. *eyes stinging, trying to blink back tears* I am so sorry.

Faramir: Why are you sorry, Haldir? You have done nothing wrong. Time takes its own path, and we must go where it takes us. I do not wish this for you, but what can I do? *fingers touching the skin next to your eyes, feeling the dampness* Do not apologize for being everything to me. All else is gone, but I know you. And when I am alone, I will still be yours. It can be no other way for me. *notices the ring still on my finger* It still shines, it has not tarnished at all.

Haldir: *not speaking, breathing raggedly as he watches the man, taking his hand and holding it to his face, pressing against it with eyes squeezed shut* As mine will never tarnish. It still shines just as brightly if not brighter.

Faramir: *quietly, gripping your hand hard* Then perhaps they will be beacons to guide our way. This thought comforts me. You comfort me. *letting my tears spill unnoticed down my cheeks* Haldir.... I have been at peace, the quiet has soothed away much heartache. But now that it is all gone, and all I have left is you, and I realize we are parting... I am frightened. How will I know you are safe, that you thrive? Our bond...

Haldir: *swallowing hard, feeling the bond what was once renewed faded to the quiet burn that was always there, even when I knew you within another face and another time so long ago. A deep shuddering breath, still difficult to remain steady. The pain in my chest, worse than any arrow wound.* I am frightened too. I would rather face a Balrog than face this, but we have no choice in the matter. *teeth still clenched, wanting to hold you close but wanting to continue taking in the sight of you* The bond will...diminish but always remain to be renewed, given new life. Only put to sleep to be awakened. My soul will always recognize yours. Always. *finally grabbing you, pulling you against me tightly* I love you. I love you my fironnín, my love, my life, my breath. I love you.

Faramir: *clutching at your back, pulling so close to be almost painful, grateful, thankful, clarity of mind returned in matters such as this* Only going to sleep. This is fitting. I am a man who must dream, my dreams are who I am. I may dream a new life, and I may awaken to find you again. I will hold this hope in my mind, and my heart. I wish it. Haldir, I wish it, I love you beyond this lifetime. I will prove that to be true.
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