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06:01pm 01/09/2004
  *wanders downstairs into the main rooms of Prancing Dragon, which currently are much like a large cozey house. Then heads to the kitchen, making tea and then to the living room to sit on the expanding window seat looking outside and enjoy the quiet grey rain* *wonders where everyone else is*  
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oh, brother! 
10:56am 02/06/2004
mood: restless
*canafinwe and russand0l are walking through an unfamiliar forest.*

Maedhros: *anxiously* Are you sure this is the right way? Are you sure we should even be going? I got the impression it was a... private party.

Maglor: It is a private party. *waves two pieces of paper with "Invitation" written on them.* But we are invited.

Maedhros: *sceptical, just grunts*

Maglor: *notices the doubtful expression on Maedhros' face.* I gather that Findekáno goes there sometimes, *Maglor lies - truthfully he has no idea if Fingon ever visits, but it might get Maedhros a bit more interested.* And yes, I'm sure this is the right way.
that time you got completely plastered...Collapse )
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01:50am 09/02/2004
mood: is resignedly alone
A quiet chill had been growing within Haldir for many days, something that he did not understand and was not certain he wished to understand. And yet, finally he had approached the large redwood tree and walked beneath the tall heavy roots that provided warm strange shelter for the elf, and had knelt to rest against it and speak in question for what might be the cause to this chill.

There was the sense of almost unwillingness within the spirit of the old life, and it had grudgingly returned to the elf the knowledge of what that chill was. Forgotten memories of what he had seemed so desperately to seek no memory of. Solace when his spirit had broken, sanctuary when he had none and welcome warmth and song when none had come to him for so long.

The odd clear eyes of Haldir looked out now to the surrounding forest. Sadder now, the glimmer, almost...emptier in a perverse reversal of gaining.

Lips pressed chastely to the heavy unnaturally warm bark of the tree in reverence and thanks, and he drew his cloak more tightly around himself. Shivering a little in the icier chill of memories he decided he would prefer he had not be given back. The temptation to return so many mirrors of the kaleidoscope of his spirit, to the keeping of these woods and the mother trees, was strong. But he would bear them yet until there was reason to not.

The wave of solitary memories of drifting aimlessly through woodlands and grasslands, mountain passes and empty plains of desert with little purpose but what he sought desperately for. A need, a need for his hands and his mind...somewhere. Somewhere. To be needed.

He leaned his head against the red soft bark, pale silk hair rubbing slightly against the different texture.

Empty eyes watched the forest. He did not expect anyone to show their face in seeking him out, but possibly for the man from Dorthonion. Gorlim. He hoped.

Finally, he moved further into the dark warm depths of the nigh den-like root structure of the mother tree and curled up tightly to sleep. Sleep was better than wakefullness, for now.
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Strange Meetings 
05:44pm 04/01/2004
mood: happy
Gorlim: DRED DRED DRED DRED DRED!!! *runs headlong into him*

Theodred: : HIIIII *is run into, falls on his ass*

Gorlim: Faramir wants to meet you!!!! *tugs at his hand*

Theodred: : Oo he does?

Gorlim: YES!

Theodred: : I'd love to meet Faramir.

Well get off your bum and come ON, then!Collapse )
08:41am 03/11/2003
  Ramlatch chats with Faramir...(this happened a long time ago, maybe back in June I think O.o)Collapse )  
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Idle Chatter 
08:50pm 21/10/2003
mood: chipper
Faramir: Slip on soft boots, that's what you need.

Gorlim: Those would fall apart in days!

Faramir: What are you doing in them, clog dancing?

Gorlim: Maybe. *eyedart*

The somewhat comedic exploits of a couple of MANLY MEN arrr!Collapse )
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It's not easy to sleep alone. 
02:36am 24/09/2003
mood: happy
Faramir: *knocks on door* Can Gorlim come out and play?

Halfwest: *nods, grins* Sure. *shoves him out*

Gorlim: *is shoved out of his box* yeep...

Faramir: *Shoves mun in a closet and locks the door* Hi, Gorlim.

Gorlim: .....*stares* ........*grabs his hands and grins* You're here!!!!

Faramir: *grips your hands and returns the grin* Well, you're here, that made it easier!

I am always close to you.Collapse )
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10:04am 29/08/2003
mood: Sociable
*slinks in the door, looks around*

Place seems quiet. Maybe there's a new trendy joint in a neighboring reality? Huh.

*orders a vodka collins, taps toes, looks about the place, ponders chatting up the bartender*
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The sea speaks to Haldir. 
08:23pm 05/08/2003
mood: discontent
I remember you...Collapse )
Faramir's metaphorical pornography 
12:54am 01/08/2003
mood: creative
Eternity and the UniverseCollapse )
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Between A Mun And A Pup 
11:47pm 27/07/2003
mood: Concerned
[This chat took place a few weeks ago, and was just discovered in my chatlogs. Haldir was having an awkward evening, not dealing well with impending changes that seemed to be coming upon him, and Faramir's mun CJ, who loves this Haldir dearly, decided to at least attempt to soothe him.]

CocoaJava: Haldir? Would it help to talk to me? Since I'm a mun, and since I helped Faramir leave mespt. I care about you, and am worried about your changes recently. Can I help? Explain anything? Just listen while you ramble? I'm here.

I am not really certain what to say.Collapse )
Of Triangulation And Taverns 
12:56pm 26/07/2003
mood: Tenative
Eomer: *eyes the Prancing Dragon with a wary eye* This is the place? Looks familiar...

It is familiar. We made it, remember?Collapse )
In Which Faramir Does Not Care That His Mun Is On Vacation 
04:33am 26/07/2003
mood: Private!
The Mun Let Him Have About Five Minutes...Collapse )
10:27pm 17/07/2003
mood: Wonky
Ramlatch. Get the hell in here. *yanks you over to the most cheerful booth I can find*

*orders up a bottle of Cockburn's and bottle of Marnier. Tells the waiter to forget the glasses*

*tilts the Marnier up and drinks long and hard*

So. Nice weather we're having, eh? *drinks more*
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11:39am 17/07/2003
  OOC: An extremely private PG moment of Intense Angst between Haldir and Faramir. ATM OOC but take it as you will, soon to be posted in Haldir's journal possibly, and changed around, this for now is what it is.

Enter At Your Own RiskCollapse )
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08:35am 17/07/2003
mood: ---
*sits quietly at at table, listening to a song he has never heard before. Looking occasionally to a stairway in the back and trying not to look, a flicker of pain crossing his eyes before he closes them tightly and tries to lose himself in the music.*
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A long afternoon stretches ahead of me 
12:36pm 09/07/2003
mood: Peacefully Sociable
For someone that craves being alone in the woods, I'm spending a hell of a lot of time in this tavern. But it's a nice place, a good in-between spot, and very tranquil when my mun keeps her nose out of the place. *quickly glances towards the door, double-checking that* Ah, good. I think she's busy with those other things she does. Whatever they are.

*orders a scotch neat and relaxes, happy to just sit and listen to the music, perhaps greet a friend if any happen to stop in*
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04:17pm 05/07/2003
mood: Worried
Faramir pushes through the doorway with a resigned sigh, heads straight for the bar and slumps on it, leaning heavily on his elbows. The bartender gives him a "back again so soon?" look, and is rewarded with a "yeah, but don't ask, just don't push it" return glare.

Drink in hand (he opted for scotch neat, if you must know), Faramir debated just perching at the bar where his second, third and fourth drinks would be readily available, or finding a shadowed table to work on his "troubled brooder" pose. He opts for remaining at the bar, it just seems like too much trouble to ask his feet to move.

The bartender decides to take at least a shot at drawing Faramir out, he can see that a thousand thoughts are racing through the man's mind. "So, what is it, mate? Old lover? New one? Ghost from your past? Kid giving you grief? Can't be so bad I haven't heard it before."

Faramir finished his first drink, and pushed the empty glass forward for a refill. He raised his eyes to the bartender, and simply said "All of those. It's... all, contained in one name. Siledhel."
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A Well Deserved Break 
04:18pm 26/06/2003
mood: Relaxed
*Pushes open door to the Prancing Dragon, reaches behind to grab Dave and David, hauls them in, despite their protests that they don't belong in a tavern in Middle Earth*

Quiet, the both of you. You fussed all the way over here and now I -really- need a drink. All right then, good table right here. Sit!

David, whiskey for you, right? Thought so. Dave? It's your anniversary today, so I'm buying, no arguments from you. *Orders Grand Marnier for Dave, whiskey for David, port wine for himself*

Now, then, we're well overdue for this. Just three pups having some drinks, relaxing, away from the mun and the stress. Cheers! *raises a glass, two others soon follow, triple clinking noise is heard*
07:15pm 18/06/2003
  *wanders into the tavern and sits at the bar, ignoring the bartender's glare while pulling out a cheap Marlbaro Red and lighting it*

Play Boulevard, Player.
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