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oh, brother!

*canafinwe and russand0l are walking through an unfamiliar forest.*

Maedhros: *anxiously* Are you sure this is the right way? Are you sure we should even be going? I got the impression it was a... private party.

Maglor: It is a private party. *waves two pieces of paper with "Invitation" written on them.* But we are invited.

Maedhros: *sceptical, just grunts*

Maglor: *notices the doubtful expression on Maedhros' face.* I gather that Findekáno goes there sometimes, *Maglor lies - truthfully he has no idea if Fingon ever visits, but it might get Maedhros a bit more interested.* And yes, I'm sure this is the right way.

Maedhros: *visibly relaxes, and a smile creeps over his face.* I gather that Haldir is a regular visitor too, is that why you're so keen?

Maglor: *blushes vividly. replies sharply.* No. *pause*

Maedhros: *just grins*

Maglor: Haldir is taken, apparently. He wouldn't be interested in me. Even if I was interested in him. What I mean is, I like talking to him, he's interesting and sensible *unlike you* and I can have a meaningful conversation with him *unlike you* and...

Maedhros: *interrupts* Macalaure, you're babbling again.

Maglor: *falls silent, still blushing*

Maedhros: *chuckles* *stops walking as they reach a branch in the path* Which way?

Maglor: *consults hand-drawn map on reverse of the invitations* Um... this way *starts walking down the right hand branch* ...I think.

Maedhros: *still grinning* So your lack of interest in Haldir would have nothing to do with your insisting that Arhuaine invited him to the House? Hmm?

Maglor: Nothing at all. I just think it would be a good idea for us to.. socialise more. Especially you, Russandol. The only person you ever talk to is Findekáno. You should make more friends.

Maedhros: I haven't noticed YOU being the life-and-soul of the party either, filit.

Maglor: *shrugs* Life-and-soul of the party isn’t really me. I prefer quiet company and conversation, not boozing and brawling.

Maedhros: *sly smile* Oh... you've had your share of boozing and brawling too, filit. Or do I have to remind you of that time you got completely plastered, got into a fight with Turukáno, and broke his nose? Or the time you threw one of mother's statues at Tyelkormo, and you blamed him for breaking it? Or...

Maglor: yes, yes okay. *annoyed* Those were rare lapses of character.

Maedhros: Yeah. Riiiight. *grins* You're a Fëanorian too, you know.

Maglor: *scowls* *walks in silence until he notices a light between the trees, and he smiles* Look, we're here. I told you this was the right way.

Maedhros: *sarcastically* I'm impressed. *Follows Maglor into the Prancing Dragon and while Maglor is finding a table he strides up to the bar, orders a large jug of cold beer, and two mugs.*

Maglor: *shakes his head and sighs. And looks around, wondering who else is here...*
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