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Strange Meetings

Gorlim: DRED DRED DRED DRED DRED!!! *runs headlong into him*

Theodred: : HIIIII *is run into, falls on his ass*

Gorlim: Faramir wants to meet you!!!! *tugs at his hand*

Theodred: : Oo he does?

Gorlim: YES!

Theodred: : I'd love to meet Faramir.

Gorlim: Well, get off your bum and come ON, then! It's a good walk through the woods from here.

Theodred: : *gets up and slips a cloak over his shoulders* All set

Gorlim: *drags Dred through the snowy woods, having not even bothered to get a cloak on* See that dark shape ahead? That's where we're headed.

Theodred: *glances ahead, straining a bit* Erm...sort of...I'll see it when we get there anyway.

Gorlim: *tromps through the snow, getting it in his boots* The next time I elect to come out and do this without a cloak, Dred, stop me. *gets to the door and bustles inside*

Theodred: Anytime. *Slips in beside Gorlim, brushing snow from his own boots*

Gorlim: *plops down and tugs at the hopelessly tangled bootlaces, then tugs off the boots, cursing at the cold floor* Well, Faramir should show up here sooner or later. He always does. I hope.

Theodred: *Nods* What is this place exactly? I don't believe I've ever even heard of it.

Gorlim: *shrugs* It's a non-place. I'm not sure where it is, exactly. I just know how to get there. If you weren't with me, you'd never find it in a thousand years of wandering.

Theodred: *nods* I see...or I think I do. Thank you for bringing me here. I've heard so much about Faramir that it's good to finally meet him.

Gorlim: You havenlt met him yet... and if he's got his Elf with him someplace, it may be a while. *grabs Dred's hand and stands up, shaking the snow off of himself and brushing the packed crystals off of Dred as well*

Theodred: Well to have the chance to meet him anyway. *flicks some rapidly melting snow at Gorlim*

Faramir: *plunges in the door, grabs the bar in a now-familiar guesture to wait out the time-canon-shift vertigo*

Gorlim: *ducking the snow, about to scold Dred, he turns at the noise* Ah! Look who's here. *calls to Faramir* My lord! Hallo!

Faramir: Gorlim! *shaking off the last of the feeling, I look towards that familiar voice, and see him sitting with another* It's good to see you, it's a wicked night outside, though. Brrr.

Gorlim: Yes I know. This mule here let me come all this way without a cloak. *whaps Dred playfully* Speaking of mules, this is Theodred. Theodred, my Captain Faramir.

Captain Faramir *smiling and standing up, extending a hand* It's a pleasure to meet you.

Faramir: *taking your hand, smiling, shaking it heartily* Well met, Theodred. It's a pleasure to meet a *normal, my eru, a normal Theodred* friend of Gorlim's. *a wink as I drop into a seat at your table* A close friend, I have learned.

Theodred: Well yes...*A stupid grin crosses his face* That...would be right...

Gorlim: *nudges Dred into a seat and scoots close beside him, shivering* Quite right.

Faramir: *grins at the two of you, trying not to be too outwardly pleased* Was the trip here difficult for you, Theodred? I know Gorlim knows the way well, but it can be hard to find if you aren't familiar with the path.

Theodred: It wasn't terribly hard to find. I just trusted Gorlim to show me the way. It's odd, how it seems to come out of nowhere *looking around* Odd, but nice.

Faramir: It is odd how it does that, or if you're coming from a canon-trail, it hits you for a loop when you enter the door. *shakes head* What we all need now is a good drink. I'm buying the first round. *waves for the serving wench*

Gorlim: *wraps his arms around Dred's waist and holds close to him* You're soaked. I hope you know you're sharing that cloak on the way back. *shivers* I bet we both catch pneumonia from this.

Theodred: Then we'll just take care of each other until we're better *Snuggles Gorlim against him*

Gorlim: I can live with that. If I catch a cold, I'm using your socks for handkerchieves, though.

Faramir: *laughs* Is this what 'my Elf' and I look like to you sometimes, Gorlim? You two are quite a sight.

Gorlim: Eh? I can't say I really see you and your Elf together much. Ever, actually. *smiles* Are we a good sight or a bad sight?

Faramir: A good sight. *takes a deep drink* You know I like to see you happy. Hopefully Minas Tirith is standing up under the assault of a happy Gorlim for a change?

Theodred: No one's died yet. *takes a drink*

Gorlim: YET. I'm beginning to worry. *crosses his legs in an attempt to warm his bare feet*

Faramir: *nods* Yet. *holds up drink* To Yet. And stop worrying, Gorlim. Enjoy the peace while it's there.

Gorlim: *grins* All right. *raises his glass and drinks* Peace is so much nicer anyway. *clings to Dred*

Theodred: So it is *clings back* It was so good to find it, when I got to Minas Tirith.

Gorlim: *eyes Faramir* Did you get wet, coming here through the snow?

Faramir: *shakes my head* The opposite of how I left Tirith, earthquake damaged and assassins running about.... wet? *glances down* Hmm. Apparently not. The canon-trail is usually quite dry, though.

Gorlim: That's good. You're warm enough, then?

Faramir: Yes, I'm fine. *laughs* You trying to lure me into a group snuggle over there?

Gorlim: I wouldn't argue. It'd be warmer with three.

Faramir: Fine then. I recognize blatent pleading when I hear it. *aside to Theodred* You'll recognize it soon enough - I'm joking. Perhaps. *slides chair around and leans on Gorlim* Better?

Gorlim: *smiles* It'll do. You cold, Dred?

Theodred: *smiles back* I could stand to warm up a bit. *scoots over closer to Gorlim*

Gorlim: *wraps one arm around each and holds them close* *PURRS*

Faramir: *chuckles, messes up your hair* *pauses* *messes up Theodred's hair too for good measure*

Gorlim: *bliss*

Theodred: Hey! *laughs and reaches over to tug at Faramir's hair like he would Eomer's. *

Gorlim: *is bapped in the process, ducks down and tickles Dred's ribs*

Faramir: *wonders how I always end up in these situations*

Theodred: Hey! Don't *nudges Gorlim away gently, laughing.* That's EVIL.

Gorlim: I am EEEEVIL. *wraps his arms around Dred's waist and headbutts him in the side*

Faramir: Hey! Careful. Nearly spilled my ale *waves mug around*

Gorlim: .........*twists around and does the same thing to Faramir*

Faramir: OOOF.

Theodred: I demand revenge *looks over at Faramir* Any ideas?

Gorlim: O.O Eru... *ducks under the table to try and get a head start*

Faramir: *wicked look* Untie his shoes.

Gorlim: That'll be more torment for you two than for me!

Faramir: *nods towards a hobbit three tables over* We could tell him Gorlim's offered to buy him an all-you-can-eat dinner.

Gorlim: How could I do that? I have no money. *eyes the hobbit dubiously*

Faramir: Exactly. Once the barkeep realizes you're a deadbeat..... *continues to give Theo a wicked look, just to make Gorlim nervous*

Gorlim: *fidgets* Whaaaat???

Faramir: *nods in satisfaction* Gorlim has officially fidgeted. I withdraw my torments!

Gorlim: *fidgets more, scoots under the table* I'm cold.

Theodred: Round one is ours *takes a deep sip of ale then looks under the table* Hmm we could heat things up. *Slips under there and wraps arms around Gorlim.*

Gorlim: *curls tightly into his arms and smiles*

Faramir: *clears throat* I don't want to hear moaning under there, you two. I'll just be up here, sipping my ale.... trying not to hear anything harmful to my sanity.

Theodred: We'll behave *kisses Gorlim lightly.* Or we'll try.

Gorlim: Mmm-hmm. *nuzzle-lick* We'll be good.

Faramir: *waves for another beer and scoots my feet well out of harm's way* Miss, another ale, and a very long tablecloth, please.
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