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Faramir: *pulls you into my lap and carefully peels an avocado, takes my best throwing knife and slices you off a piece* Eat. You need to take better care of yourself.

Ramlatch: *startled* *eyes avocado* I don't remember the last time I had one of those. Aren't they really smushy?

Ramlatch: *guilty* I do, yeah. Need to take better care of myself. But yesterday was... busy for me. Most of my time was either trying to cope with Haldir ... or doing classwork, or sleeping. I didn't have time to remember that I should eat, really.

Faramir: Not when they are just right. Too ripe and they make a mess. Underripe and they are hard and awful. This one is perfect. It's a little like muses, really. When they get old and squishy they aren't very good. When they are young and hard, you can't digest what they write. *flashes a smile at you* You are a perfectly ripe avocado.

Ramlatch: *widens eyes then narrows them* Did you just hit on me?

Faramir: *laughs* No. But maybe that's my mistake.

Ramlatch: *coughs* Sorry, just...very sensitive lately about that for some reason. I deal with guys staring at me a lot, and I've been getting really tired of it. Not your mistake, no. It was a compliment, thank you.

Faramir: Funny, that. Men stare at me too, and sometimes it bothers me. I wonder what they seek. You are pretty, I am told I am good looking. But I think we are the types to want more than that. We need a connection beyond physical.

Ramlatch: *nods a little* Thanks again. Um. *eyes something other than you, for a second* you are pretty good looking. *tries hard not to blush furiously* I swear I got that from Haldir though. He was the one that ... yeah. At least, that's what my memories say. *quietly* I swear to you, I wrote the beginnings of a story months before you two met, that had you both meeting, and that Haldir... I sometimes wonder if that muse lives in my Haldir. I do want something beyond physical...sometimes. But I get tired of being looked at only for how I look. *pause* Damn. I'm starting to talk a lot. Like you two, now.

Faramir: Careful, you might be picking up my tendency to talk and talk and talk. I sometimes wonder how Haldir puts up with me. I'm vocal... yet I cannot always say what is in my heart. I think my logic is that if I talk a lot I will accidentally make sense to him. *toys with your braid, compares it mentally to haldirs* I have been a thorn in your side at times. I never meant to be.

Ramlatch: His is longer. *dryly* You are vocal, yeah. I babble though. When I'm nervous. Everyone says 'I babble cutely'. *makes a face* I think the same thing I guess, hope by accident I'll somehow make sense. So... how come you never act like Haldir when it comes to us muns?

Faramir: I'm not sure why. You muns are a tight lot, and I'm never sure where I fit in with you. My mun tells me that you are highly desired in the company of other muns. I do not wish to intrude or confuse you. But... I find you very amusing and nice. I would like to see you more often, but I am the type that tends to wait for an invitation. Should I not?

Ramlatch: No. *smiles a little and feels a little like Haldir* Thanks again. You're pretty amusing sometimes when you're feeling goofy, and you're very nice. Except when you're pissed off, of course. *eyedarts* Don't EVER let Haldir know that I told you, but I think it turns him on when you're all aggressive like that. He hates it when I talk about him. Just... I dunno, pop in whenever you feel like it, I like to know that I'm not doing anything so heinous as to make you stamp around your mun's brain driving her crazy, like her too much for that.

Faramir: If I ever make you laugh, that is reward enough. I bring you enough sorrow that the balance will never be tilted in that favor. And.... I crave Haldir every hour of every day, and would happily pin him to every wall on every level of Minas Tirith, if the truth be known. But am I enough for him? He goes, sometimes, to others, and I understand that need. My mun, she is baffled by it and has acted badly. But she understands that now. But, please, tell me Ramlatch, honestly, and it goes no further than us. Does Haldir desire others to add to his experience? Or is he truly acting out of need for what I lack? either way, I will accept this, because Haldir comes first, and always will to me.

Ramlatch: *looks guilty* I think...it's a part of his personality. Honestly truly I do. But he doesn't feel a real urge anymore, deep down inside...he's a traditionalist. Being with you... nothing else for him compares to the experience of sharing your bed, for him. No one. When Haldir went to Eomer, it was because he was still under the idea that you yourself were sharing a bed with others, and you were, I might add. Like Karl. And he truly believed Boromir for a little while as well. Only a little while. But Karl...that hurt him a lot. And I just -won't- talk about that right now... *shakes head* But yeah. I can count the number of people besides you that he'd willingly be with, on one hand. That's Halmir, his first lover, Beleg, his Captain, and Eomer, ... I don't know what Eomer is to Haldir. I think perhaps a reflection of him in mortal flesh. What Haldir might be, if he weren't an elf, perhaps. ...... *sighs* *eyes* Faramir. Haldir loves you, very very much. He loved you I think the first moment he ... when - that first night you two really did it, and damn that sounds cheezy but it's true. Something happened. I think it was a month later, but he finally insisted it did happen, but didn't explain what exactly /did'/ happen. Do you remember what happened? His eyes.

Ramlatch: They turned white with light, burst into white flame, and was blinded by it. Perhaps that was already there though... it's been so long... but, yeah. That was the moment I think when he suddenly realized that something about you was different from every other creature he'd been with, and known. He felt his very soul cry out to yours. And he was terrified. And I'm sounding like Eomer trying to convince Luthien here of his own love, dammit, and I feel bad about that, but what I'm saying is true, I think now. *grabs your shoulder* He will NEVER want to simply 'add to his experience'. He's had enough experiences of all kinds, believe me. I'm not sure there is something out there left to add, except few things, mostly involving words like Morgoth and lots of pain. *wry grimace* And he won't tell me much unless it's pried out of him. *firmly* There is NOTHING that you lack, in his eyes. For Haldir, you are like a cup that is constantly overflowing. You are... damn... *shakes head* Faramir, I'll never be able to explain to you exactly what you are to Haldir. Only directly experiencing his own soul perhaps, would really give you an idea. Maybe. Perhaps.

Ramlatch: *sags* And...Elbereth, I just said a lot.

Faramir: Yes... you did say a lot. Ramatch, thank you. *pulls you close and wraps arms around you* You said what was needed. I would take back things I have done if I could, willingly. I am grateful that now I cannot remember anything with this Karl. I honestly do not, other than knowing that I turned to him in error. I live with so many regrets and so much guilt, at times I wish for more words lashing out at me. You speak honestly and truthfully about how Haldir felt about my encounters. His own encounters... I was not able to speak my mind on them, ever. I was overshadowed by her, the mun, you know who she is. I wish for time to travel backwards, to erase mistakes, to take us to that place where I saw the light in Haldir's eyes in the tavern, a light that he gave to me, a gift from one I did not yet know I loved, yet I loved him already. Perhaps I have wished too hard.... *clings to you*

Ramlatch: *eyedarts and looks nervous* *hugs back, noting that Haldir was right and you really are pretty damn warm even through your clothes holy-CRAP* Who knows... maybe that can happen. I would hope that the cause for him going to that tavern in the first place doesn't happen to him again, though. Funny how that happened. CJ and I both wanted you two to get together to meet, so we could just see what might happen, and then that...thing came to life. Made Haldir more miserable than I thought. I still feel bad about it, and that was how you two met, I guess. *sighs* I'm babbling still, but I haven't eaten enough today either. *eats avocado piece* We're the writers, maybe... we can do that for you two. I think I would be very willing to do that. It's probably time I gave Haldir up, let him move on. I admit, perhaps... perhaps I am clinging to him, I'm not sure. But I know that if I am, I won't be able to just drop him. I love him too much for that. It would just mean that I would have to set him aside and take on another Haldir, I think. And leave Haldir to stay with you and just...be. With each other. But I'm willing to do whatever you two want, and need. Please believe me, you two come first.

Ramlatch: And... I think I'm ready to go now. I haven't had a good night of just talking and joking around and writing with CJ for a really long time... and I miss that a lot. I'm tired of all of this pain and angst and misery, and I'm desperate to give you guys some happiness so we both can keep our sanity and... fuck... *mutters and tries to not cry* Sorry, just incredibly badly emotionally shredded this past week or so. Long week. And Haldir is close to me, what he feels, I tend to end up feeling. Mostly the pain. ...

Faramir: I know a secret about my mun. She wouldn't be thrilled if I told you. And Haldir wouldn't be very happy either. But I wish to tell you.

Faramir: And then, I will let you go.

Ramlatch: Erk. *eyes suspiciously* That sounds ominous. But... *eyes your arms* Being that you could probably lift me by my head until my feet don't touch the ground, probably.. .um... I'll listen.

Faramir: Your mun means the world to her. She loves Haldir and I know she loves me, too. But she knows she has put your mun through some very rough times. Being a Writer, she has the power to make things 'go away' for me, and I must comply. But she does not have the power to do that to your mun. She is the Writer, and all is known to her, even after we simple puppets forget. She regrets this, and wishes she could also go back to a place in time where certain events did not happen, when I showed weakenesses that were written by her. She wishes this, but does not have the ability to turn back time. She would do so if she could. I am sorry, it is all I can offer you.. I should let you go now.

Ramlatch: *nods, eyes lips and gets distracted for a second* No relationship is perfect, you know. Things always end up happening, I think. And I know there were some pretty bad times, and I think we both know about pretty much what we're both talking about here, and yeah. Haldir was... no, can't really describe how he felt, and I was half tempted to throw my computer out my window I think. But you know... *pokes* You're here now. And you still love Haldir. And Haldir still loves you, and he's still here... somewhere. And that's all that in the end, really matters, y'know? Just...remember one thing, that's all, and I'll let you go. Not sure if you're going to know this or someone else, so want to make sure you do... *leans in close, whispers in your ear very quickly* It's his neck... *smirks, quickly gives hard blistering kiss on the lips (tm) and pulls away before you can kill me* Damn... you really do taste sweet... *backs away* I'd mention that I'm a member of lotr_pwp but I think Haldir would kill me. Figured I minaswell take my only shot eheh, *keeps backing away, babbling incoherently* Alright uh, I'll see you later... *edges to the door* Thank you. For ... hell, just yeah, being you. And now, I need to let your OWN mun go, she's really damn tired I'm sure and I want her awake tomorrow night so I can write with her... *skitters out quickly*

Faramir: That's a coincidence, I'm a member of pwp too, for some strange reason. Perhaps I will see you there someti--- *blushes furiously, a very strange look for someone like Faramir* I think my mun has eyed her window and this computer at times oddly too. You writers are so.. human at times, you care more than you admit. I am glad you did not toss your device out the window, it is my tie to my Haldir. And to you. *scribbles hastily my pwp info on a bit of paper and stuffs it in your hand and then wishes to drop into a crevass in the ground* Ahem. And yes, I am here now, and will always be so for you and for Haldir. His neck? I remember a time.. but I thought it was... his neck, you say? *pulls you back from your skittering to the door, kisses you soundly on the lips* Thank you. I did not realize that was... what it was. And I suppose I should let my mun sleep, although she seems very hyper. But she will thank me for this later. *takes a vial of tranguilizers out of a cloak pocket, turns to find his mun*

Ramlatch: *dizzy* *clutches paper until the ink stains hand* Urghk. *noise* *glassy look, watches Faramir go* *shakes head and staggers out muttering about how strong elvish emotions are*

Faramir: *is grateful not to have an elf in my brain* *offers sympathy*

Faramir: Although.... fallible humans are not a much better lot to have in your cranium at times.

Ramlatch: *eyes* You DO have an elf in your brain. *skitters out again*

Faramir: O.O

Ramlatch: *pokes head in* Er.. if you're Faramir

Faramir: Ah. Okay. I have it. *thonks hard head* Yes, I do.

Ramlatch: :) *realizes she's still here* o.o Now I go. *goes*

Faramir: *snickers and isn't sure if it's pup or mun snickering, yikes*
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