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It's not easy to sleep alone.

Faramir: *knocks on door* Can Gorlim come out and play?

Halfwest: *nods, grins* Sure. *shoves him out*

Gorlim: *is shoved out of his box* yeep...

Faramir: *Shoves mun in a closet and locks the door* Hi, Gorlim.

Gorlim: .....*stares* ........*grabs his hands and grins* You're here!!!!

Faramir: *grips your hands and returns the grin* Well, you're here, that made it easier!

Gorlim: *aw, hell with it... HUGS*

Faramir: *laughing* You seem to have lost some of your inhibitions since I last saw you.... *pulls you into a tighter hug*

Gorlim: Yes, well... Lots has happened since you left and anyway, I've missed you.

Faramir: Lots always happens in Tirith.. I'd be very surprised if it didn't! Are you well, though? Happy?

Gorlim: *shrugs evasively* I suppose.

Faramir: *touches your chin with two fingers and tilts your head to look at me* That did not sound very convincing.

Gorlim: It's... complicated. It's easier, having Halbarad there, but... I have a lot to worry about. Mostly my twins.

Faramir: Being a father is difficult. I often wonder how Liv is, and Jade, and Issy's kids.... I''m sure you do the best you can.

Gorlim: It's harder without their mother around.

Faramir: But you have Halbarad to help? and I'm sure others are willing to assist?

Gorlim: Of course. But Halbarad has a girl of his own, and the girls are all up and going off to Rohan.

Faramir: Rohan! What's that place got that Gondor doesn't?

Gorlim: No vampires.

Faramir: Oh. That's.... not good. Is Eomer still in Tirith?

Gorlim: Oh yes. He and Luthien are married now. They have poultry. *nodnodnod*

Faramir: Ah, they finally did get married, wondered if that would ever happen. Hopefully there was only one bride that day? *small smirk* Um.... poultry?

Gorlim: They've a small swan in their keeping, for reasons that have not been revealed to me. And puppies. Lady Luthien is running a regular zoo...

Faramir: Swans make me twitch a little, but I think Dol Amroth always tended to rile up my sinuses. Puppies are good though, nice for the kids to have around.

Gorlim: *nods* They're fine. How have you been, though?

Faramir: I've been well. I walk the woods now, somehow I knew I was supposed to be on patrol, so that is what I do. It feels right, and in the woods, I am at peace. *winks* Even when I'm killing bears.

Gorlim: Bears? You hunt bears? Alone??

Faramir: *shrugs* The bears are alone too, it's an even match. My arrows against their claws and teeth.

Gorlim: But... that's dangerous, isn't it? What if... what if it hurts you??

Faramir: Then I suppose I will rest and heal. Again. It's happened a few times. But here I am, stronger, and a little wiser and quicker after each time I lost a wager with a bear.

Gorlim: But... *quietly* Aren't you afraid?

Faramir: *just as quietly* No. I would rather face a simpleminded bear, without evil on his mind, than to again face Ungoliant, or Melkor, or the Hunter.....

Gorlim: *considers* True. Better a whole batallion of bears than a single Sauron... *smirk* That sounds kind of interesting, doesn't it? A batallion of bears against a sssssingle Sssssauron... *chuckles*

Faramir: Then you see. You yourself have won worse battles that one with a simple forest animal. It's all in your perspective, I think. *chuckles with you* I would not bet on the bears, though!

Gorlim: No. I would pity the poor bears. They'd have made better use of themselves as furs for our children.

Faramir: *nods* Speaking of which, I will send you home with a few furs for your own twins to play on.

Gorlim: You don't need them, though? Winter's coming soon...

Faramir: I have others. Extra furs are good to trade for things. I'll be fine, I have a cozy home well stocked with furs, wine, ale, and more books than you can imagine.

Gorlim: What sort of books? *intrigued*

Faramir: History, mostly. Of lands outside of Gondor. The ancient tales. I read them as a child, but now I wish to see them through the eyes of one who loves one that might be considered an ancient himself. *smiles* Many of the legends might be his own stories...

Gorlim: *headtilt* You mean Haldir?

Faramir: Yes. I sometimes feel like a mere infant compared to him. I wish to learn as much as I can.

Gorlim: Elves are demanding teachers. And he's no easy companion. But he has magic in him! Look... *pulls from his pocket the avocado seed wrapped in the leaves and petals* He made these grow as he left the city. I howled for him as he went. I'll plant them with this seed when planting time comes. I had Eomer touch it, too, so everything that was close to you is part of it...

Faramir: *reaches quietly to touch the leaves and petals with one finger, very carefully* These are very special. Where will you plant them? *blinks* Did Eomer realize why you had him touch them?

Gorlim: I found a place in the courtyard and cleared the weeds. Oh, Eomer knows why. He took the seed and kissed it when I told him...

Faramir: *stares at you, then the seed, then simply sits down* Eomer did that?

Gorlim: Yes. He pressed it to his heart then kissed it.

Faramir: *pokes at the dirt with a stick, tries to look bored, but has to rub at his face quickly and hopes Gorlim doesn't notice*

Gorlim: *playing with the leaves, tracing their veins with his fingers* He... well. It's hard for him, too, being without you. You didn't see but... *shakes his head* He's scared, Faramir. Scared he'll be... what did he say to me? Just some pretty boy across the bar to you. He misses you, worse than I do maybe.

Faramir: *snorts lightly* Eomer was never a pretty boy. At least not to me. I don't think he knows himself enough to know how I saw him. *whispers* He misses me?

Gorlim: Like the flowers miss the rain, my lord, he misses you.

Faramir: *thinks long on this, then reaches for a small knife in my boot, and quickly cuts off a thick lock of hair* I have nothing left I can give him, but perhaps this token might mean something to Eomer? Could you take it to him?

Gorlim: Gladly. *he takes the hair and wraps it in his handkerchief* I will tell him you have not forgotten. *sits beside him, returning both seed and handkerchief to his pocket*

Faramir: *smiles* I think Arda would be a sad place indeed without Gorlim's pockets.

Gorlim: Well of course. If I had no pockets, I couldn't carry around all these extra handkerchieves I snatched from the laundry room, and THEN where would we all be? Much sadder, I think.

Faramir: *laughs* but the laundress would be much happier! *rolls eyes* I swear the laundry rooms and the linen closets in the stewards quarters were more popular than the main dining hall.

Gorlim: Pity. I'd thought there of all places I could have been left alone.

Faramir: Try the library. I would bet without me there that room is very lonely.

Gorlim: Oh, no. They all know where to find me if I go there. I sleep there as many nights as not.

Faramir: You do? In that big leather chair by the fire?

Gorlim: Of course! It's the warmest spot there is, and just bright enough to play with maps or books until you fall asleep. Good distracting things, books. We never had many back home. They make it that much easier to fall asleep alone.

Faramir: *fidgets* I do the same thing, here. I've made myself a nice library, with a fireplace. I don't have the chair, but I do have a good pile of furs. *softly* It's not easy to sleep alone.

Gorlim: Hasn't Haldir come to join you, then?

Faramir: We meet on occasion, sometimes at the Prancing Dragon, but after a time we drift apart again... it is unpredictable. Mostly, I patrol and live alone.

Gorlim: ...*fidgets, tugging at his sleeves* I would come be with you until you sleep each night, my lord. If no one else would come, I would be here, and sit near you so you wouldn't have to be alone...

Faramir: Each night? You would make this journey for me? *grabs at your fingers on my sleeve* I would trade those frequent trips of watchfulness for an occasional night that.. no, I can't ask.

Gorlim: *looks up, stilling his hands* Ask what you will of me, my lord. You know that I serve you, and more that I love you. I would journey to death and back for you each night, and further.

Faramir: Perhaps you might be able to get away long enough from your responsibilities to just .... *stammers, not like myself but I do* stay with me all night? Just now and then. I ask not that you... well, you know. I only ask if you might simply stay close by me, share my dreams.

Gorlim: My lord, if you asked, I would never leave. To spend my life at your side... that would be more than I could desire. To spend a single night with you now and then? You need not ask, my lord. I have spent many nights with you in my thoughts until the dawn. If I could be there and know that you wanted me still... *bites his lip, almost ashamed to be speaking so bluntly but afraid there will never be another chance if he does not* That is all I ever wanted.

Faramir: *looks you directly in the eyes* Stay tonight. Till dawn. Gorlim, I have been remiss I think, in telling you exactly what you are to me. I'll start with the easiest part of all. I love you. That... comes naturally. But it's not lust-love, if that makes sense? It's guardian-love. And you... you're the guardian. My guardian.

Gorlim: *smiles* Of course it makes sense. I lived and died for love, how could I not know intimately all the ways one could love? I will stay, until you send me off again. You are my Captain. There is nothing like that, nothing in the world, and nothing to compare it to. It is its own kind of love. And all I have is yours.

Faramir: All I wish is your comfort and friendship tonight, and to keep me close while I dream. I would find your presence more comforting than you know.

Gorlim: My lord, I am always close to you, whenever you call, I'll come. And even if you don't call. I find comfort in your presence, also...

Faramir: Then, come. The hour is late. *stands and holds out a hand* Come? I will show you what my library looks like, and perhaps you will find it comforting enough to sleep in.

Gorlim: I could sleep at the very feet of the Iron Mountains if I knew it was a place you wanted me. *takes his hand and smiles, bowing* My lord.

Faramir: Oh, please. I have extra pillows and a large blanket and you will sleep next to me. *shakes head, laughing* Iron Mountains....

Gorlim: *just follows, watching, observing, learning his Captain's home, and all the time feeling at home once more at his side, protecting*

Faramir: *leads you to a large cave opening, which opens into a large room inside, smaller rooms to either side* This is home, now. *tugs your hand toward the room to the left* And this is my library... not quite the quarters, but it suits me.

Gorlim: *is tugged along happily, smiling, amused at this show-and-tell game* It's a fine place, my lord. It feels like you.

Faramir: Does it? I think I like that it does. But you will not find THIS back in Tirith. *strides toward a pile of bearskins, sits and begins to pull off my boots* A bed this soft, and in the library.

Gorlim: *laughing, he helps Faramir tug the boots off and makes a clowning show of falling over when they come off* I couldn't imagine a more perfect place for a bed than with the books.

Faramir: Nice that someone else understands! *helping you up, then grinning and pushing you to fall over again, on the bearskins*

Gorlim: oof! Well of course. I've fallen asleep in the library in Tirith often enough to recognize a need for such things. *tugs at the laces on his boots, knotted and re-knotted into rediculous tangles that suggest he never learned to properly tie his boots*

Faramir: Whoa! *makes a show of tripping over.... well, nothing, and lands next to you* *reaches down to cut through your laces with my knife* I have more laces. We can find them tomorrow. I'm tired.... *yawns*

Gorlim: *smiles* Well, that works. *tugs his boots off and perches like a watchful mother cat at one end of the bed, legs crosses and hands in his lap*

Faramir: *eyes you* Wrong. *reaches for your hands, tugs you till you unfold and flop next to me* There, right!

Gorlim: Ah. How silly of me. *flops*

Faramir: *wraps arms around you, snuggles you close* Now this is nice. I like this room, and it's nice to share it with someone who -feels- it too. You will sleep well here, I hope?

Gorlim: *clings like a child to his father* I'll sleep better here than I have anywhere for a very long time.

Faramir: *brushes your hair back from your eyes* I think I'll sleep very well too. *leans a cheek against your head* Goodnight... and thank you.

Gorlim: Good night, my lord, and thank YOU. *he lies quietly, playing with a wavy strand of Faramir's hair until he's sure his Captain is asleep, then he closes his own eyes and nods off, safe at last in Faramir's arms*
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