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Of Triangulation And Taverns

Eomer: *eyes the Prancing Dragon with a wary eye* This is the place? Looks familiar...

Faramir: *sits at the bar, enjoying an ale and the odd music that always seems to be playing in here*

Haldir: It is familiar. We made it, remember? *drags Eomer in and leads him over to the bar where Faramir sits*

Faramir: *turns, surprised, blinks and smiles* Haldir! and Eomer? I have not seen you in here before.

Eomer: We did? Or was it always here? Or...my head hurts. Maybe if you buy me...a...dri... *trails off, stares* oh.

Haldir: It was always here because we decided it was always here. *thinks this makes perfect sense* *orders Eomer a drink -- a very very VERY strong drink and makes sure it's stronger than that -- hands it to Eomer* The drink will help. *brushes Faramir's forehead lightly with lips since he's tall enough* Hello.

Eomer: *takes the drink gingerly, chewing my lip to prevent any foolishness*

Faramir: Hello. I've missed you. *steals a hug and a return kiss before turning to Eomer.* I believe I've missed you, too.

Haldir: *sits on Eomer's side so he's next to Faramir, hoping that will nudge them to talk more, not before stealing another kiss* Missed you too. *gets a drink as well*

Eomer: *carefully* I know I've missed you. *indicating a chair* Mind if we...?

Faramir: *Looks at Haldir, looks back to Eomer, smiles* I would enjoy spending some time with you. *moves from the bar, indicates a table*

Eomer: *considers sitting down opposite, then decides "fuck that" and takes the chair next to Faramir's* How have you been?

Haldir: *grabs his drink and moves to the table, sitting across from them for the moment.*

Faramir: 've been good, I think. *pauses, again looks at Haldir, eyes half close for a moment in contemplation* May we skip pleasantries? I do not know how often I will be able to see you, and I would not wish to waste the moments discussing the weather or our health.

Eomer: *spraddling my chair sideways to face you, arm draped over the back, fingers restless tracing the carvings in the woodgrain* But your health IS important to me. To us.

Faramir: I'm happy when Haldir comes to see me. I love him, dearly. I come to life when he's near, and our times together are blissful. It is what matters, that he can find me, that I can still give him love.

Eomer: Good. You'd better. *reaching out to touch a lock of hair fallen astray over your shoulder, oddly unable to tell it it's dark-gold or raven*

Faramir: *smiling at the touch, something forgotten feeling familiar somehow* I always will, as long as he needs me. Forever if that is his wish.

Eomer: But how will he KNOW?

Faramir: Know? I'm not sure I understand... He merely needs to wish for me and I'm his. *puzzled* He knows this already... doesn't he?

Eomer: *glances over at Haldir* Do you?

Haldir: ... *takes a very long drink*

Faramir: *reaches across table for Haldir's hand* If you believe anything at all, this is what you must believe. *looks in dismay at Eomer* He has been like this?

Haldir: *grips Faramir's hand hard*

Faramir: Haldir... *grips your hand hard, strokes with a thumb on your skin* I'm here. You wished to find me, and you did. So simple...

Eomer: *quietly* I think he fears what you may become...or what you may cease to be.

Faramir: I feel a part of me has gone on, yes. It may become another, perhaps. But the Faramir that loves Haldir... *looks at Eomer quickly, pauses, breathes deeply* This Faramir is here, I remain true.

Haldir: *quietly* I miss you. But you can't return, can you. ...I think parts of me are leaving as well, Faramir.

Faramir: *shakes my head* I cannot return. I ventured close a few times... and the pain returned. The burdens loomed, it was too much. I did enter Tirith once, for a short time, in a dream... *quiets, does not think I should say more*

Haldir: Siledhel.

Faramir: *gulps, stares at the tabletop, studying some knife marks in the wood, barely nods*

Haldir: He...would have needed you very very much. He gained some unpleasant memories. Do not feel guilt for what you did if that is so.

Faramir: I feel a little. I could not return for you. But I -had- to for him. He did not ask for any of this. At least we stepped into our burdens with open eyes... *looks at Eomer and Haldir both in turn, pleading for understanding*

Eomer: *nods slightly* That's all I meant. If this is what you need. If this is what's right for you.

Faramir: It is. It may not be the path all would travel, but it is my path. It seems you have found your way to my path, now. This is special. I did not expect it. *just stares at Eomer, remembering*

Eomer: *reaching for my drink so as to have something in my hands* I don't know if we should, but...I...we...it's hard to resist.

Haldir: *still holding Faramir's hand tightly* Very hard to resist.

Faramir: Then...must you resist? *softly* Do I cause pain by still existing out here? If it is better that I go, completely...if you would be at peace... Haldir, for you I will do whatever is needed.

Eomer: No! I mean...we didn't mean... *locking my fingers tight around the glass* We don't want to bring back any pain for YOU, I swear... *looking up* If you leave, he leaves. Maybe you both should go together.

Faramir: *pulling HARD with my free hand on Eomer's glass till he finally lets it go, sets it aside, takes his hand too* My pain is a thing of the past. This is no longer about me.

Eomer: No, now it's about-- *deep breath* Right.

Haldir: *not speaking, just staring, eyes going a little dead*

Faramir: *grips both your hands tightly, studying your faces* My pain is gone. I am at peace. I see two tortured faces in front of me. What must we do?

Haldir: I told Faramir's writer once. I miss the feel of the wind at my cloak as I watched the southern borders, waiting for the dawn to bring the Rohan breeders for our stables. I miss quiet showers of rain that brought nothing but itself.

Faramir: *remembers, nods, wistful* Such things have long been taken from you.

Eomer: Haldir...you're not happy there any more. You should be here. And beyond. There are lands beyond...

Faramir: *eyes dart to Haldir's looking deep into them* */You can have what you miss, and more. It is your choice/*

Haldir: I know there are lands beyond...but what of you, Eomer. What of Luthien? *sighs* No. She is happy. And in that land, I have the peace that I could always return in some years. ...But would I. I am not happy there any more. No. *looks to Faramir* */I know...but am I ready?/*

Eomer: *frankly* I would not, if I were you. *raising a warning hand* I am not speaking disparaging of my own worth. I mean that as I said it. I will not have you as a caged bird, Haldir.

Faramir: */I think you are, but you must know it in your own mind and heart/* Eomer. You love him. *sighs deeply, feels a twinge in that place where burdens were carried once. I do not desire to see you in pain.*

Eomer: *hotly* Of course I do. And BECAUSE I do.

Haldir: *watches Eomer, grateful for his words*

Faramir: *flinching slightly at your tone* You love him enough. I am glad you do, he deserves nothing less than the full measure.

Eomer: And without you, he has no measure at all. ...I'm sorry. That was...uncalled for. I mean well. I just don't have the words.

Faramir: *glares at Eomer* Never say that. You give him much. Do not discount yourself, or you would prove that Haldir would stoop to hold someone worthless dear? Never.

Eomer: I didn't mean it like that...I should just stop talking. I really should. I just wanted to see you one last time. I didn't want this. I don't know WHAT I want...except it's suddenly quite clear that I do not want to be a chain binding him to a world he no longer loves. *softly* There's no reason you could not VISIT, is there Haldir? At least as long as you remember the way...

Haldir: *softly as well* I would remember the way, believe me. *closes eyes* I did not think my heart would be held by so many.

Faramir: My burdens are not necessarily Haldir's. */could you? It would be a blessing to him if you could/*

Haldir: */Of course I would. Meleth, I love him./ *firmly***

Faramir: Your heart is large, Haldir. I have always known that.

Eomer: *is just quiet now, glancing from one to the other*

Faramir: Eomer...was it difficult for you to find the way here today, with Haldir?

Eomer: *shaking my head* Not really. I think it has something to do with my writer. But...it's easy to get lost, on the way. Without a beacon of some sort. *shudders* There are things out there, between...

Faramir: *glances at my hand in Haldirs, sees the ring* Funny you would say beacons. Things out there? You met danger on the way?

Eomer: Not yet.

Haldir: You will not meet danger through the path to this place, I do not think. *watching Faramir, the ring he wears, feeling the one he gave me, beneath my tunic*

Faramir: Is there real danger in coming here, or do you just think there is? This is a safe haven, Eomer. If you wish a beacon... *falters* */You know the way. He is just frightened/*

Eomer: *stoutly* I'll find it when I have to. *winks* Or do you think anything can stop me when I get an idea in my head?

Faramir: Ah. Finally. The Eomer I knew has arrived. It's good to see you again, my friend. *winks, suddenly bends across the chair and kisses you soundly* You wanted a beacon.

Eomer: *returns the kiss soundly, hoping the taste of salt goes unremarked* I'll have two.

Haldir: *small quiet laugh* You do have two, I think.

Faramir: And you will be the third, as you travel. Triangulation, very practical. *nods, quickly flicks at your cheek and drops my hand*

Eomer: Spoken like a man of science, eh...

Faramir: I suppose I'll always be who I am, underneath.

Eomer: So...it's decided, then?

Haldir: *looks to Eomer* And what has been decided?

Faramir: *continues to hold both your hands, just waits patiently*

Eomer: That you will stay. Here. Or...maybe find your place to be, I don't know...whatever suits you best...Faramir has his own path to walk, after all...

Haldir: *looks at Faramir's face* No, there seems to be another that walks that path. And aye. Perhaps I would stay, but I feel my path is elsewhere. I long for that rain.

Eomer: Then find it. But... *hesitantly* ...perhaps not until morning?

Faramir: */he needs you tonight/*

Haldir: */I know./* *holds one of Eomer's hands* Most certainly not until morning. Perhaps not for a few more days to come. But soon.

Faramir: */it is fine. I rest when you are gone/*

Eomer: If I'm the only reason you stay -- and I hate to be so arrogant to think such a thing, but I have to consider it -- then for Bema's sake, Haldir, I release you. No chains.

Haldir: *shakes head a little* I know you my friend. Aye you are one large reason for my staying, but I have unfinished business to attend. And then... I can go. But we have found peace between us too soon.

Faramir: You are loyal to your friends, Haldir. I understand your reasons for remaining behind. They need you, and you need them, for this time.

Eomer: But...it'll never end. There's always one more crisis, one more rescue, one more chunk torn out of your soul until there's nothing left and...and I don't want you to fade. Please.

Faramir: */he has a point/*

Haldir: And you, Eomer. Do you think you can remain in that?

Eomer: I-- *stops, closing my mouth, opening it again, a slow burning sensation crawling up the back of my neck and ears* I don't know. I don't think ahead or back. I just cope with each day as it comes.

Faramir: Perhaps that is why you will outlast us, Eomer.

Haldir: *slow nod* Aye.

Faramir: *now takes the silent stance, letting you two talk*

Eomer: *soft chuckle* Well, I guess that's your answer. But... *sigh* Yes. I'm tired. So I don't think much. That's what works.

Haldir: Will it always work? *sadly, hating to watch you disappear as well*

Eomer: Now Haldir, how can I answer that if I don't allow myself to think ahead past the next sunrise?

Haldir: *small shadow of a smile* You could allow yourself, I suppose?

Eomer: *sigh* The day is coming, yes.

Faramir: Would you two like another drink? It seems my credit is excellent here...

Haldir: *sighs as well* I know... *looks at Faramir and nods* Please.

Eomer: *quietly, distantly* Sure.

Faramir: *gathers up the mugs, walks to the bar to order three more* Bartender, could you have the piano player try something more soothing? Thank you. *lingers at the bar as the drinks are drawn, providing convenient point for any personal convo to happen juuuuuuuust in case*

Eomer: *glances up at Haldir* I know what you're trying to do, and I can't.

Haldir: *enigmatic* Can't what?

Eomer: Stay.

Haldir: *sighs* I know.

Eomer: I'm sorry.

Faramir: *befure the ale goes completely flat, returns and sets a mug in front of each of you*

Eomer: Thanks. I'm trying to decide if I need a lot of this or not. Probably not. Don't want to lose anything.

Haldir: No...don't be. You have responsibilities to too much, I am -- just an elf, compared to all that...you took your place as King even with no crown, Eomer. And you have your duties as King. *eyes the ale*

Eomer: *splutter of surprised laughter* King...? Hardly. Just...SOMEbody has to take care of people, and it's not Aragorn now is it?

Haldir: No, certainly not Aragorn.

Faramir: *drinks half my mug, sets it down gingerly*

Eomer: Except...there are less people by the day, and...

Haldir: ... Aye. Less and less.
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