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In Which Faramir Does Not Care That His Mun Is On Vacation

Faramir: Just so you don't forget while I'm away and all the other pups are taking advantage of my absence.... I love you. *drags you off in spite of whatever other chats you might be in and shags the hell out of you*

Haldir: <3

Faramir: *nods* I can't stay long unless.... *eyedart* I just remain here with you when my mun closes this chat window. Do you think that's possible?

Haldir: I think it is very possible, yes. *holds you close*

Faramir: All right, then... .I think I can, yes. And I would very much like to. *leers* I can stay UP much longer than the mun can, if you know what I mean.

Haldir: *leers back* Of course I know what you mean. *pounce*

Faramir: Good. Thought I would speak very plainly. Innuendo sometimes isn't effective enough. *stares directly into your eyes* I want to fuck you through the carpet. More than once.

Haldir: *shivers and grins* I think I know why you like me speaking. *eyes grow dark* I -need- you to fuck me through the carpet. More than once.

Faramir: I will show you no mercy. None.

Haldir: Good. Then show me no mercy.

Faramir: I won't. And I fully expect the same unmerciful treatment from you in the future. *backs you against a wall, shreds your leggings*

Haldir: *hungry look* Of course.

Faramir: *rips your tunic open, bites your neck, closes chatwindow and flips off muns. *go 'way you two*

Haldir: *is cheerfully dragged off*
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