Faramir of Gondor (faramirofgondor) wrote in prancingdragon,
Faramir of Gondor

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A Well Deserved Break

*Pushes open door to the Prancing Dragon, reaches behind to grab Dave and David, hauls them in, despite their protests that they don't belong in a tavern in Middle Earth*

Quiet, the both of you. You fussed all the way over here and now I -really- need a drink. All right then, good table right here. Sit!

David, whiskey for you, right? Thought so. Dave? It's your anniversary today, so I'm buying, no arguments from you. *Orders Grand Marnier for Dave, whiskey for David, port wine for himself*

Now, then, we're well overdue for this. Just three pups having some drinks, relaxing, away from the mun and the stress. Cheers! *raises a glass, two others soon follow, triple clinking noise is heard*
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